Q: How do I secure the Nido Hook to the shelf?

A: The Nido Hook does not need any additional materials to secure it to the shelf. Just slide the Nido Hook over the front end of the shelf. Make sure the front vertical plane of the Nido Hook fits snugly against the front of the shelf before hanging any objects. For extra security, place books on top of the Nido Hook to secure it in place. Or, as you are placing the Nido Hook in the desired location on the shelf, place adhesive such as QuakeHold!™ or The Museum Putty™ under the top arm of the Nido Hook to secure it to the shelf.

Q: How much weight can the Nido Hook support?

A: The Nido Hook has been tested to hold up to 20 lbs. Generally, bookshelves are constructed to hold substantial weight; however, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the amount of weight your bookshelf can support.

Q: How do I know which size Nido Hook to purchase?

A: Measure the height of the front plane of the shelf from which you want to hang your item. The small hook fits shelves that are 1” or less, while the large hook fits shelves between 1” and 2”.

Q: What are the shipping rates for international orders or large quantity orders?

A: Please send an email to info@nidohook.com for specific international shipping rates or shipping options for large quantity orders.